Sad Cowboy

Photo Diary · 💩 · Revolta de les Quintes · The Bubble · “And in a funny way, the shaving of my, uh, head has been a liberation from, uh, a lot of, uh, stupid vanities, really. Uh, it has simplified everything for me. It has opened a lot of doors maybe.”

Federal Café Gòtic · All those [friends] · No 💩 · «¿Haces pelis con esa Krasnogorsk?» · Meet the Filmmakers: Josh and Benny Safdie

“thank you for making the internet just even a bit more fun and interesting :’)”

Hand object

Cosmo solo · Our Flag Means Death · Glide

The gift must always move.

On the Necessity of Gardening · Chasis · «me daba más un feeling de amigos que otra cosa» · Defiant Jazz · After Yang

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