My name is Javier Arce, comme tout le monde. Right now I'm in Barcelona, Spain. Currently reading: "Ciberíada". The last movie I watched was "Where Is the Friend's House?" and I liked it a lot.

This computer contains a wiki, 245 blog posts, a collection of silly songs, 348 photos, one pun, 58 drawings, a modest blogroll, a hidden passage to another dimension, a ghost story, a newsletter with 67 subscribers, a list of dog names, a list of names that are not dog names, a pretty accurate list of all the movies I’ve watched, a pretty innacurate list of all the books I’ve read, references to my early memories, 3 maps listing 70 of my favorite places, several photos of myself eating ice cream, a list of 30 movies with scenes where binoculars are incorrectly depicted, a mirror, a coin, a yellow bird, a photo of your turtle, a turtle.

This computer doesn’t track you, your friends, or your enemies.

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