Documented projects

Kindle to
Send your Kindle's highlights and notes to
Enfont Terrible
A terrible, terrible type foundry
Map with Me
Create collaborative maps with your friends (and enemies)
I remember bot
A tribute to Georges Perec and his book Je me souviens


Title Description Tags
Letterboxd scrapper A script that scrapes films from a Letterboxd user’s public diary. node
Walking Poem A website that writes psychogeographical poems using real Google Maps directions from your current location to a random place around you. web javascript
Music Snitch Show the music you are currently scrobbling. web javascript


Title Description Tags
Dale Generate DALL·E 2-like images without an invite. Without AI. Without writing a prompt. Without waiting for the process to finish. Without wasting electricity or emitting CO2. Just drag and drop an image and let the most advanced technology (well, JavaScript) do the rest. web javascript
Dear Reader Dear Reader sends you articles and posts from your favorite newsletters and RSS feeds directly to your Kindle kindle rss


Title Description Tags
aire-madrid Node package to get information about Madrid’s air quality. It’s probably bad (the air quality, I mean.) node
Avisos Madrid This repository contains notices and incidents reported by Madrid’s citizens regarding street furniture, lighting, urban and waste cleaning, green areas, sidewalks, etc. Automatically updated every 10 minutes. data maps
Binocular Shot A tribute to movies with innacurate binocular shots. blog
Boletín Botánico Mysterious little zine of whimsical periodicity, dubious content, dangerous editing, and suspicious ambition. zine
Figma Avatar Update your Twitter avatar and banner from the comfort of Figma. figma twitter
Go With The Flow A text threading plugin for Figma figma plugin
Paul Virilio Bot A bot that tweets variations of a famous Paul Virilio quote. twitter bot


Title Description Tags
BiciMap An alternative and open-source map of BiciMAD. web maps
Kindle to Send your Kindle’s highlights and notes to kindle arena
Txtnau A bot that looks at art and tweets what it sees. twitter bot


Title Description Tags
Drawings My (incredibly silly) illustration portfolio. web illustration
Enfont Terrible A terrible, terrible type foundry. web typography
Favicon Chameleon Makes your tab disappear when nobody is paying attention. web javascript
I Remember Bot A tribute to Georges Perec’s “Je me souviens” in the form of a bot. twitter bot
Map with Me A tool for creating collaborative maps with your friends (and enemies.) web maps
OMG Movies! A bot that loves films but doesn’t have a very good memory. twitter bot


Title Description Tags A fine selection of original & creative erotic drawings and animations. blog NSFW