• The Long Way, Bernard Moitessier


Title Author Publisher Year
How to Blow Up a Pipeline Andreas Malm Verso 2021
Calypso David Sedaris Little Brown  
The Tartar Steppe Dino Buzzati Verba Mundi 2005
Busy Doing Nothing Rekka Bellum Hundred Rabbits 2021
Piso compartido Ana Flecha Marco Mrs. Danvers 2021
AZCA Alba Flores Robla Colectivo Laika 2021


Title Author Publisher Year
Sobre la felicidad Seneca Alianza 2009
Several Short Sentences About Writing Verlyn Klinkenborg Knopf 2012
Content Design Sarah Richards Content Design London 2017
Just Enough Research Erika Hall A Book Apart 2013
How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking – for Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers Sönke Ahrens Unknown 2017
Accessibility for Everyone Laura Kalbag A Book Apart 2017
Presenting Design Work Donna Spencer A Book Apart 2020
Skin in the Game: The Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life Nassim Nicholas Taleb Allen Lane 2018
The Art of Showing Up: How to Be There for Yourself and Your People Rachel Wilkerson Miller The Experiment 2020
The Refusal of Work: Rethinking Post-Work Theory and Practice David Frayne Zed Books 2015
How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century Erik Olin Wright Verso 2019
Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day Jake Knapp Currency 2018
How to Be an Antiracist Ibram X. Kendi One World 2019
Dos novelitas nórdicas Ana Flecha Marco Mr Griffin 2019
Designing Disorder: Experiments and Disruptions in the City Richard Sennett Verso 2020


Title Author Publisher Year
Biografía del silencio Pablo d’Ors Siruela 2019
How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy Jenny Odell Melville House 2019
Conquista de lo inútil Werner Herzog Blackie Books 2018
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones James Clear Avery 2018
8.38 Luis Rodríguez Editorial Candaya 2019
Ramona Rosario Villajos Mrs. Danvers 2019
A Manual for Cleaning Women Lucia Berlin Picador 2016
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Stephen King Hodder & Stoughton 2012
The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education Grace Llewellyn Lowry House 2007
Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology Cal Newport Portfolio Penguin 2019
It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work Jason Fried Harper Business 2018
Los asquerosos Santiago Lorenzo Blackie Books 2018
Demian: historia de la juventud de Emil Sinclair Hermann Hesse Alianza Editorial 1999


Title Author Publisher Year
H is for Hawk Helen Macdonald Jonathan Cape 2014
Against Creativity Oli Mould Verso 2018
Congreso de futurología Stanisław Lem Alianza Editorial 2005
New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future James Bridle Verso 2018
On Doing Nothing: Finding Inspiration in Idleness Roman Muradov Chronicle Books 2018
10:04 Ben Lerner Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2014
Stoner John Williams New York Review Books 2015
Lo que vio la criada: Ocho cuentos psíquicos Yasutaka Tsutsui Atalanta 2018
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (George Smiley, #5; Karla Trilogy #1) John le Carré Penguin Books 2011
Finite and Infinite Games James P. Carse Free Press 2012
The Genius of Birds Jennifer Ackerman Penguin Press 2016
Sex Fantasy Sophia Foster-Dimino Koyama Press 2017


Title Author Publisher Year
Super Normal: Sensations of the Ordinary Naoto Fukasawa Lars Muller Publishers 2007
So Many Books: Reading and Publishing in an Age of Abundance Gabriel Zaid Paul Dry Books 2003
The Mezzanine Nicholson Baker Granta Books (Uk) 2011
Retiro Sergei Dovlatov Fulgencio Pimentel 2017
Oficio Sergei Dovlatov Fulgencio Pimenel 2017
Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change Victor Papanek Academy Chicago Publishers 2005
Ken Kagami: Freaky Dog and Freaky Boy Ken Kagami New Documents  
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in GTA Online Michael Crowe Studio Operative 2017
Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace David Lipsky Broadway 2010
Interaction of Color Josef Albers Yale University Press 2006
Limónov Emmanuel Carrère Anagrama 2013
Decir casi lo mismo Umberto Eco Lumen 2008
Las ganas Santiago Lorenzo Blackie Books 2015
Del caminar sobre el hielo Werner Herzog Gallo Nero 2015
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics: The Dos and Don’ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures Dona M. Wong W. W. Norton Company 2010
Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World Rutger Bregman Little, Brown and Company 2017
Social Medium: artists writing, 2000-2015 Jennifer Liese Paper Monument 2016
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike Phil Knight Scribner 2016
Wasting Time on the Internet Kenneth Goldsmith Harper Perennial 2016
The Vignelli Canon Massimo Vignelli Lars Muller Publishers 2010


Title Author Publisher Year
A Burglar’s Guide to the City Geoff Manaugh Fsg Originals 2016
The Gift: How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World Lewis Hyde Canongate Books 2007
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, #1) Robin Sloan Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2012
Three Uses of the Knife: On the Nature and Purpose of Drama David Mamet Vintage 2000
The Death and Life of Great American Cities Jane Jacobs Random House 2002
Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age Kenneth Goldsmith Columbia University Press 2011
Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World Cal Newport Grand Central Publishing 2016
What We See When We Read Peter Mendelsund Vintage 2014
I Like Your Work: Art and Etiquette Paper Monument Paper Monument 2009
Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment Paper Monument Paper Monument 2012
Groucho and Me Groucho Marx Da Capo Press 1995